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Since graduating from Goldsmiths College of Art with a first class honours degree in Fine Art Textiles, Karen Spurgin has worked as a textile designer for over 20 years. During this time she has built up a reputation for innovative design and inspiring new ways of using both traditional and not so traditional techniques.

Her experience ranges from work in fashion and interiors to stage and screen and encompasses such iconic pieces as the intricate appliqué for Deborah Milner's Rousseau Dress to the lavishly embroidered kimonos for Mike Leigh’s Oscar winning film 'Topsy Turvy'.

Clients include, Dosa, the company set up by designer Christina Kim specialising in beautiful, delicate, womenswear with an ethical conscience, Richard James, for whom Karen has produced discreetly gorgeous ideas for menswear and Deborah Milner, London based fashion designer with whom Karen has recently collaborated on the textiles for a ground breaking Eco Haute Couture Collection of evening gowns in partnership with US hair and beauty company, Aveda.

Between 1995 and 2000 Karen was a tutor at the Royal College Of Art on the Mixed Media Constructed Textiles Course.

Current projects include founding ao, a group of textile designers who were involved in the Deborah Milner/Aveda Project to continue further research and design with a sustainable eco-friendly remit, pushing the boundaries of beautiful design coupled with an ethical approach.
Karen Spurgin Textile Design.